Programmer’s Wish List – 2

Multi-column Code Editor


  • An IDE with multi-column editor. Each of them are synced. Adding a new line in one adds it in all of them.
  • Use one column for source, one for documentation, one for writing tests, one for logging.
  • Ability to add more columns to define functionality that you want to execute but don’t want to mix with the main algorithm.
  • Weave the code from different columns at compile time, or use byte code instrumentation to combine the sources.

Web Powered Unix Terminal


  • A full-blown Unix terminal rendered inside a browser tab.
  • Being able to run “shell-scripts” written entirely in JavaScript.
  • Besides textual output, scripts will be able to take full advantage of the terminal DOM and display graphical and interactive output.

Programmer’s Wish List – 1

Declarative Language for Data Dependency


  • An XML file where you can define the data dependency graph of your application.
  • A library that reads in this graph and executes a chain of methods taking advantage of parallelization whenever possible.
  • A common set of interfaces which can be implemented to define to job distribution, serialization, and load balancing for any execution environment.

Mathematical Expression Injection Framework


  • An XML file where you could define mathematical expressions and map variables to properties of Java beans.
  • A library that reads in XML file and triggers the evaluation of a list of expressions as a response to an event.